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"Hi I'm looking for a natural look make up tutorial and you seem to be REALLY amazing at makeup do you think you could make a tutorial on that? Or if you already have could you send me a link to that? thanks : )"

Asked by crookedantenae-deactivated20120

Hi crookedantenae,

There are many ways to do a “natural look”, and for me it means clean-looking skin, and subtle lids and lips. The overall effect makes you look fresh and healthy, and people should focus on your glow rather than your makeup.


The look I did above did not come with step by step instructions, but you can follow the “Low Maintenance Date Look" tutorial, and just replace Step 6 with soft beige-bronze shadow!

Optional: Soft contouring at the outer halves of the eye socket (the hollow curve just above your eyeball) with a slightly deeper brown or plum than the color on your lids. 

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