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Neutral Makeup Tutorial for School or Work (works for girls with Glasses!)


This is something that can be thrown together in 15 minutes (or less) and works on most eye shapes (including mono-lids) and skin colors. You’ll also notice the eye shadow is more “spread out” and goes up quite high above the socket line, so that it’s still noticeable with glasses on.

[Disclaimer] This is not a “no-makeup” look. This is a neutral look using work/school-appropriate colors that will look more subtle when you wear glasses.

Aside from your base makeup, you will need only 2 shadows, mascara, blush, and a lipstick OR gloss.

  • Soft warm-brown satin/matte shadow that is about 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone
  • Shimmery bronze-brown just slightly lighter than the first shade, but a lot more shimmery
  • Black mascara
  • Soft pink blush (optional depending on what lip shade you’re wearing)
  • Soft pink-beige lipstick (I just find this easiest for work/school because it is low-maintenance (no liners, frequent touch-ups, etc) and wears away nicely


Step 1: After applying your base and concealer, dust on a soft pink flush on the cheeks. I always prefer to go for softer and paler shades because it’s much harder to over-apply or end up with stripes on your cheeks.


Step 2: Groom your brows. This is important for making you look more polished and awake.


Step 3: Apply the medium matte/satin brown (I used The Body Shop #05 Shadow but this is a shade that isn’t hard to find. MAC Soba is a good alternative.) Use a softer brush and sweep it in wind-shield wiper motions along your socket line, spreading upwards until it almost touches the lowest points of your brows, but leaving your brown bone bare.

Run along your lower lash line as well.


Step 4: This is when you use the same brush to apply a shadow that is very similar to the first brown shadow, but with a lot more sheen and dimension. (I used The Body Shop’s #41 Shadow but any shimmery peachy-brown will work.) The shimmery shade will “pop” and stand out while the more matte one recedes and looks shaded, so this creates the subtle optical illusion of more contoured sockets without looking too dramatic or overly made-up for school.

The finished eye color should be rich and pretty, but still soft. If your eye looks too smoky and strong, you probably picked a socket shadow that is too deep.


Step 5:  Finish with black mascara. Don’t just glom it on. There’s nothing pretty about “burnt-twig” lashes. Wipe off the tip of your brush to remove that glob and prevent yourself from making a mess.

Then place your wand right at the roots and wiggle a few times before pulling straight out along your lashes. This thickens them at the base while the ends remain tapered and natural looking. 


Step 6: For the lips, just swipe on a nice beige-pink shade. I like mattes because the color is intense and lasts a long time, but you don’t have to wear that if you prefer a softer, creamier finish or a gloss. I used Jordana Pink Passion matte lipstick but NYX Tea Rose (more brown/peach) and MAC Syrup (more brown/mauve) would be good alternatives as well.

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