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Everyday Minerals Passion Passport and Starry Eyed Eye Shadow Tutorial and Review (aka the “Roller Girl Experiment”)


It’s not secret that I like Everyday Minerals products, but I haven’t actually tried any of their shadows since they came up with the roller-ball travel containers (US$4.50). Now they seem like a good idea for traveling but how do you actually apply the shadow when you can’t dip a shadow brush in like you would with a pot?

Well, the folks at Everyday Minerals were kind enough to send me a few shadows recently for review, so what better than to take the opportunity to try it out for myself?

For this look, I used Passion Passport, a sparkly titanium grey, and Starry Eyed, a shimmery cocoa brown. 


Step 1: First off, I definitely recommend wearing a primer beneath ANY loose powder shadow, but especially mineral ones, because this helps to both increase the vibrancy of the shadows, and minimize fading over the day.

Step 2: The contour color for the outer V and lower lash line. It’s easier to do a strip across the entire lid rather than a contour, but hey - I’m here to experiment. And it was surprisingly mess-free, although it takes time to slowly roll back and forth along your socket and pack the color on strong. You are not going to get pin-point precision, but for regular shadow application, the roller applicator works ok.

Tip: Roll in short zig-zag moves over sections of skin, rather than trying to drag the applicator all the way along your skin in one stroke. This gives more pigmentation, AND stops the roller ball from grabbing at your lashes.

 Step 3: The lid shade is the easy part. As with the contour color, move in short zig-zag strikes to cover the skin and build up to required intensity. Apply more than you want because it’s going to get sheered out when you blend later.

(I have to say I don’t love grays in general but Passion Passport is one of the nicer ones I’ve tried as it’s got plenty of sparkle but is not muddy or overly-silvery and dramatic.

Step 4: Blend the brown into the silver at the socket line to soften any edges. You may need to reapply a bit of both colors after this point as the blending will likely sheer and muddy them a little. 

Step 5: Apply black liner in a wing (I used Bourjois 16 Hour Liner Pinceau liquid liner) and run a metalic brown pencil along the lower lash line (Bourjois Regard Effet Metallise 52 Brun Inoxydable).

Then finish with mascara.

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