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MAC Diva Matte Lipstick: A Love Affair (Swatches and Review)


I still remember being 11 and obsessing in secret over the first-ever specific shade of lipstick I ever wanted to own.

“Deep-dark”, I described emphatically as I envisioned drama, sophistication and sensual feminity, and passed my precious $6 over to the family-friend making the illicit run for the contraband.

The kind smuggler returned a day later with Cover Girl Remarkable Lipstick in “Really Red”, much to my chagrin, and I realized that scarlet was plenty dark for her. I doubt she, or any of my peers would have been able to understand what it was about the shade that was so alluring for me.

I went through my phases of brown lipsticks, red lipsticks, nude lipsticks, pink lipsticks, and no lipsticks through the years, and then only recently decided in a moment of absolute random-ness to buy Diva without even trying it on in the store.

Every time I put it on, it’s like stepping into high, high heels. I feel instantly more sophisticated, more womanly, sexier, and more dangerous. (I swear I feel my IQ going up 30 points too.) It’s an extra bonus that my SO actually likes it when I wear dark lips.

Diva is a deep-dark red that is a little more burgundy than dried-blood, but not quite purple enough to be called “wine”. (The hand swatch is probably the most accurate representation of how it would look on your lips as the red seems to keep showing up stronger on camera.) It’s not quite as black and dramatic as Prince Noir, which is the quintessential vamp shade, but it’s a heck of a lot more wearable as well.

This is a classic MAC Matte along the veins of Russian Red, so it still has a hint of creaminess, as opposed to a Retro Matte like Ruby Woo (ultra matte, powdery finish, zero shine). It’s also not like the newer generation of mattes (a la Candy Yum Yum, Force of Love) which are softer, more slippery, and more comfortable to wear, but can look uneven and wear off faster than the traditional mattes. Diva sticks around.

It’s not hard to explain why this lipstick was love at first swipe. The love affair really began almost 20 years ago. Diva does what I’ve wanted a lipstick to do since I was 11. To have an individualistic and assertive presence, without ever sacrificing femininity.  

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