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Duo-tone Liner with a Duo-chrome Eye Shadow (How to Use Illamasqua’s Sealing Gel)


One of the items I recently purchased from Illamasqua is their Sealing Gel, which isn’t actually a gel but a fluid, and which I’m really loving so far. This acrylate-based sealing fluid transforms any eye shadow and pigment into a water-resistant, long-wearing liquid. I used it two ways; to create a “cream shadow” and to create metallic liquid liner.

You can use eye drops or MAC Fix+, etc for a similar look, but those products will not be as long-lasting as a Sealing Gel made for liners.


Step 1: I added a drop of Sealing Gel onto a plastic lid and mixed some Green-Brown pigment into it until I got a runny fluid. Using a soft blending brush, I applied this mixture onto the lid area in a buffing motion to get maximum sheen and a cream-like finish. This sets quickly into a long-wearing wash that does not crease on most lids.


 Step 2: Repeating the mixing but using a deep green pigment this time (MAC Green Pigment), I increased the concentration of the pigment to get a more opaque fluid and then applied that with a liner brush from inner corners of the eye to the center.


Step 3: Using a 3rd liner brush, I mixed a rich purple pigment into another drop of Sealing Gel (MAC Grape pigment) and applied that to the outer halves of the lids, completing the wing that I began using a green pigment. Feel free to create a longer, more dramatic wing, as the duo-tone coloring will stand out more.


Step 4: When this is done, you should get a rather interesting dual-color wing and gleamin lids. You can follow by applying a white/beige/yellow pencil to the waterline and mascara to the lashes.

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