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Peach-and-Brown Defined Eye with Coral-Red Lips (MAC Lady Danger)


This is a defined neutral eye with a twist of warmth with the addition of a peach shade. It’s simple and versatile, and you can wear it either with soft lips or a full-on coral like MAC Lady Danger.

I used:

  • Dior Nude Foundation #21
  • Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation RF140 + RF210 (as concealer)
  • Wet n Wild Greed Coloricon Palette (matte beige and matte peach)
  • Urban Decay Deeper - limited edition (you can use MAC Bronze or Twinks)
  • TheBalm Hot Mama! Blush mixed with a touch of Bahama Mama Bronzer
  • MAC Lady Danger Matte Lipstick


Step 1: After applying a flesh colored primer on the lid (this is highly recommended as it will hold on to matte shadows better), use a pointed detail brush to run a rich chocolate metallic brown along the socket line - not the crease line from outside fading in.


Step 2: Follow this basic shape and apply a peachy-nude to the center of the lids, and along the outer edge of the brown earlier to blend it out.

Then use the matte beige to fill in the inner corner of the lids and the brown bone.

The finished look, above.


Step 3: With a flat angled brow brush, run the metallic brown along the lash line on both upper and lower lids. 


Step 4: Finish with black mascara, then dab a shimmery coral blush along the peaks of the cheek bone.


Step 5: Slick on a fire-red coral on the lips, like MAC Lady Danger.


Animal testing note: Wet n Wild, MAC, Illamasqua and Urban Decay claim to be cruelty-free.

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