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Golden Bronze Cat Eye Tutorial (88 Warm Palette)


My 88 Warm Palette has been in cold storage lately, as tends to happen when you are always trying new things. This is a look you don’t need the 88 palette to create, as there are lots of similar shades in other palettes as well. 

The shades you’ll need to pick are

  • A soft beige- or malt-gold that isn’t too far off from your skin tone
  • A warmer, stronger amber-gold with some orange in it
  • A soft burgundy with a pearl sheen (surprise; this gives the whole look more depth than just sticking with a deep bronze or brown)


 Step 1: Apply the soft gold all the way from inner corners up to the brow bone, leaving just the outer-most corners of the eye clean. Run along lower lash line half-way from inner corners out as well.


Step 2: Pack the warm ambery gold onto the outer 1/3 of the lid below the socket, and then extend up to the brow bone. Notice I extended the color inwards more along the deepest part of the socket line. This will give your eye more definition instead of allowing all the bright colors to wipe out your contours.

Run the amber along the outer half of the lower lash lines as well.


Step 3: Pick up a warm, rich burgundy and pack that right in the outermost corners of the lid, then also lightly sweep the remaining pigment on the brush up towards the end of your brow as well. This will make the look a lot richer and stop the eye look from going too brassy and yellow.


Step 4: Apply a black pencil along the tightline and waterline, and then use black liquid or gel liner to apply a thick flick at the outer corners. Finish with black mascara.


The finished effect is polished, dramatic (how often do we wear color all the way up to our brows?), but at the same time not over-the-top because it should work with your natural skin tone. You can choose to pair this with a strong lip, but I prefer just going the natural route with this.

On Rest of Face:

  • TheBalm Hot Mama blush (my favorite warm coral blush)
  • NYX Iced Honey lipstick (metallic beige/nude)
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef (sheer coral creme)
*Quick tip: Applying a creme gloss over a metallic or pearly lipstick is a way to juice up your pout without adding a lot of obvious shimmer and sparkle.
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