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Eye of the Day: Single-shade Olive/Khaki Wash for Lazy People (MAC Sumptuous Olive)

When it’s 7am in the morning, applying my eye makeup is one thing that really wakes my brain up, but there are days when it can be REALLY hard to work up the mood for anything complicated.

In these cases, I reach for one single shade to wear all over my lids as a wash, and there are a number of go-tos which I love for this purpose.

My favorite shadows for single-shade wash tend to

  • have a sheen - this gives dimension/contours
  • are slightly deeper than my skin tone - most people can do with a little definition and only colors that are darker than your own skin tone can give you that
  • be duo-chrome - takes a minute to apply, but makes it look like you spent a good amount of time blending a few shades together

The shade of choice for me right this moment is:

MAC Sumptuous Olive shadow (Veluxe Pearl)

This is a shade that looks sort of dark and dull in the pot, and in that odd yellow-tinged lighting in MAC. It actually looks like a dark antiqued bronze swatched on the back of my hand in the store, and frankly not extremely interesting.

But I decided to just go with popular opinion (this shadow is highly rated on Makeupalley) and I am SO glad I did that.

I apply it over primer for max intensity, so the shade goes on a smoky khaki but has a metallic old-gold or antique bronze sheen to it. It’s more interesting that brown, but not too over-the-top or obviously green for a day in school or the office.

If you have brown or hazel eyes, this is one shade you should definitely check out. Tip? Apply it to your lids in the store; not your hand.

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