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Great Green Shadows for Summer 2012

I have to admit I don’t often wear green on a day-to-day basis because it tends to be such an obvious and dramatic shade, compared to pinks and purples. However, I do have some in my collection that I will pull out on occasion because they are so absolutely beautiful. 

Here are some of my favorites right now. (I did not include teal or blue-green shades in this line-up as those deserve a separate listing by themselves!)

Neutral/Smoky Greens

  • MAC Green Brown pigment - This hard-to-locate duochrome pigment is similar to Blue Brown but definitely not the same. It’s sold only in Pro stores, and has a golden-green sheen and a lighter, more orange base. TKB Trading has a mica called Dragonfly which is the same thing but being discontinued. MAC Club, Urban Decay Lounge and other similar duochrome shades are actually dupes of Blue Brown, NOT Green Brown, which is a lot more golden-toned. See it in action here.
  • L’oreal Permanent Kaki - I LOVE this metallic sage green, and I think you should at least try it before L’oreal does what it always does and phases the Infallible shadows out one day. See it in action here.
  • MAC Sumptuous Olive - This is an antique-bronze metallic shade in the Veluxe Pearl range, and a perfect cross between green and brown. You can wear it in place of any neutral and it can look both subtle and dramatic. Great if you don’t like or don’t want obvious color on your eyes. See it in action here.
  • I Nuovi Cat’s Eye: For the Drama Mamas out there, this is like MAC Beauty Marked if you replace the red sparkles with a rich emerald green. This is not just a great liner shade because of its matte black base, but also fabulous all over for an intense smoky eye. (No tutorial available for this, sorry!)

Light/Bright Greens

  • Lime Crime Seahorse Discourse - This golden acid green is as bright as I will go. Seahorse Discourse is part of the Aquataenia Mermaid Palette, and a pretty satin lime shade. It’s similar to MAC Bitter but more pigmented and with a soft pearl sheen instead of being matte. (No tutorial available yet!)
  • The Body Shop 44 Golden Meadow - GORGEOUS soft green and gold duochrome. This shade is like MAC Golden Olive, but more subtle and rich, with a slightly cooler base tone. The texture is also really creamy and pigmented due to the Marula Nut Oil content. See it in action here!
  • The Body Shop 08 Shimmer - This is not part of the regular shadow line although it’s usually on the racks alongside them. This is a translucent shadow that shifts to a glowing green in the light. You can layer this over ANY shadow to give it a green sheen, similar to this look. If you can’t locate Green Brown, I also suggest you get this and layer it over a medium matte brown. Barry M has an equivalent Dazzle Dust called Iridescent Green as well.
  • MAC Lustreleaf - Yes, it’s that icky gritty Lustre formula and trying to get nice pigmentation with it is like trying to squeeze water out of a rock. BUT apply this with a dampened brush and see how it becomes this intense, BEAUTIFUL silver-mint green, like in the swatch above. (No tutorial with this currently!)
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