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Liquid Gold: Dior J’adore L’or Essence de Parfum

Ah…. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous… This is like a concentrated distillation of a million flowers’ souls. 

I’ve never been big fan of the original J’adore because it was like Estee Lauders Pleasures or Clinique Happy to me. Very nice and very popular, with nothing in it that was jarring, strong, or atypical enough to rock my world. 

I took a break from the fragrance game the past few years so I’ve been a little “out of it” and never even knew Dior had released a new Eau de Parfum version of J’adore, as well as the much more beautiful Essence de Parfum in 2010.

Developed by François Demachy, this fragrance is composed of only a few high-quality notes: May Rose and Jasmine from Grasse, and Vanilla absolute from Tahiti. The other notes are Tonka Bean, Patchouli, and Labdanum, but these are almost not noticeable for the most part. They merely bolstering the warmth and depth of the main stars, the jasmine and the rose, lending a golden, honeyed richness to the flowers, which can otherwise just come across as sweet, sweet, sweet.

The scent itself is quite linear. There isn’t a top-note, heart-note, dry-down. This fragrance is ALL warm, bodacious, and big floral heart.

The presentation is exquisite (and it should be considering the price), and this would make a fantastic gift for an important woman in your life. The bottle is accompanied by a little enveloped card detailing the source of the flowers and how every one was assembled by hand. It’s all wrapped in thin gift paper, nestled on a white bed in an embossed Christian Dior box, which is then slipped into a matching white and gold sleeve. 

I couldn’t resist taking it out to take some pictures for you, but I’m keeping this hidden in my closet as a gift for my mother, since she’s always been a fan of the original J’adore but could never bring herself to buy a bottle since she was mainly attracted to the bottle instead of the juice.

J’adore L’or retails for over US$100 in most countries (it’s over SG$200; ridiculous and painful compared to the US price, but oh well…) but you can always keep an eye out on sites such as or for good deals from time to time.

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