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Fantasy Brights with the 88 Shimmer Palette

I decided to whip out my 88 Shimmer Palette to do something bright and fun to beat the Monday blues. I’ve had a comment from a reader about having very dark skin, and how looks don’t turn out the same. Do note that depending on your skin tone, you will need to adjust shades to get a similar effect. 

E.g. If I use a pale peach, you might need to look for a stronger apricot or orange-tone to get the same effect on your skin. What is a smoky brown for me might look like a chalky taupe on very dark skin, or very dark on porcelain skins. Always try to adjust a little bit if your skin tone is very different from mine (NC25 thereabouts). If you’re about fair to medium (NC/NW20 - NC/NW40), most looks will turn out quite similar.

If you don’t own the 88 Shimmer palette, just take a look at the 3 shades I used, and you should be able to locate these shades in other shadow collections.

You’ll need:

  • a soft peach shimmer
  • a bright blue-pink shimmer
  • a deep red-tinged brown

Step 1: Pack the blue pink right in the center of the lid first. Allow a little to smudge down onto your lower lash line.

Step 2: With a soft, bright peach, pack that into the inner corner of your lid. Apply to the lower lash line in the inner corners as well.

Step 3: With a dark warm brown, apply to the outer 1/3 of the lids and then bring it down along the lower lash line (outer 1/3 only), as well as up along the hollow of the socket line, especially if you need to define your eye contours a bit.

Step 4: To intensify the rich brown, I ran a metallic brown pencil along the upper and lower lash lines, letting the line get thicker at the outer ends.

Step 5: Finish by curling lashes and applying mascara!

The 88 shimmer palette is available from BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents. Prices vary depending on promotions, so do keep an eye on both sites!

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