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Things I’m Loving Right Now (Makeup, Tools, Skincare, Fragrance!)

Let’s get right to it!

1. Coastal Scents Mica in Paradise Sunset

This deep burnished copper-fire pigment is freaky-beautiful. Just make sure you use a good base because it will flake and fade like any loose powder shadow.

Get it while they’re running clearance on!

2. MAC Shadow in Crystal

I’ve owned this shadow for over a year now and only recently started to use it more. I love that subtle duo-chrome glow as it shifts between a soft ash and a pale lavender. Unique without being too loud!

3. Shu Uemura Brow Pencil in Hard Formula 9 Seal Brown

It took me awhile to get down to trying these, despite their cult status. Who wants to pay so much for a pencil that you need to bring back to the counter to sharpen unless they have a Shu Uemura counter downstairs?

But one I realised this gives the most NATURAL-looking brows, and just how long the pencil lasts (if you use it normally just to define and fill in your brows, that professionally-shaved sword-tip lasts for around 2 months; I kid you not).

What with work and blogging, I used to go through a full-length MAC pencil once every 3 months. This ended up saving me money in the longer run.

4. BH Cosmetics Eye Blending Brush

This totally was not a brush I was expecting to like so much. I don’t use this to blend eye shadows. It’s big and thick and soft enough that it’s a FANTASTIC brush for applying setting powder over concealer, under your eyes and blemishes etc. Especially good if you don’t like over-applying powder, and want to be precise and subtle with it.

Plus, it’s $2.96. Link to brush here.

5. Horse Oil

This might sound like the strangest beauty product to those who’ve never heard of it, but horse oil is popular in Japan as an anti-aging and healing skin aid because of its ability to protect skin barrier. 

(No horses are harmed as far as I know. Like Lanolin from sheep, horse oil is literally horse sebum and extracted from their coats/skin.)

6. Clarins White Plus HP Emulsion SPF20

I love how Clarins skincare and body care products always have the most divine, fresh aromas. This oil-free day lotion is no different.

It’s silky-smooth, lightweight emulsion absorbs quickly, and is fantastic for oily/combination to normal skins that don’t like heavy creams and lotions. I’m not 100% sure about availability in US/EU, as many “white” lines are exclusive to Asia. 

If it’s there, it might also be listed under a different name because the West doesn’t share that same Eastern obsession with pale-ness (hence “white plus”).

7. Guerlain L’Instant de Guerlain eau de parfum

Hopelessly addicted to this honey-based scent. It’s long-lasting, silky and comforting without smelling juvenile or sticky-sweet. Plus, I always buy mine from an offline discount store for a pretty good price. (Under US$50 for a 1.7oz bottle of EDP concentration, vs US$95-100 retail.)

8. The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils (Jasmin & Frangipanier, Bois de Santal
& Gingembre)

Jasmin & Frangipanier - I love Jasmine, I love Frangipani. Put essential oils of both sweet, ethereal flowers in concentrated amounts into one bottle and then put it on sale a few dollars? I’m sold.

Bois de Santal & Gingembre - this sweet, ambery, spicy scent reminds me of my S$160 bottle of Five O’Clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens. Except it’s dirt cheap and concentrated enough to fill up my entire room. LOVE it. 

I dilute a few drops of these with pure denatured alcohol, add in water, and then spray it on clothes, bedding, etc.

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