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Dark Lipsticks (MAC’s cult shades + a couple of dupes)

The Fall fashion season usually signifies a return to more dramatic lips for me. There are many dark vampy lipsticks in my arsenal but 2 of my absolute favorites of all time are MAC’s Diva (dark liver-red) and the harder-to-find blackened-plum Prince Noir which I believe is part of the Pro line. 

While I can’t yet find a really good dupe for Prince Noir, which is DELICIOUSLY dark, the other 3 swatched here actually look pretty close once they’re on the lips. Diva is a warmer, more wearable alternative, while sharing the same intense matte texture as Prince Noir.

Raisin Rage from Revlon is pretty much an identical color to Diva, but the texture is creme instead of matte, so if you don’t like your lips feeling dry, then go with the Revlon. 

The last is Wet n Wild’s Cherry Bomb which is almost between Prince Noir and Diva, though that might not be obvious in the image. It would work as a Prince Noir “almost-dupe” in a pinch.

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