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Favorite Fall Nail Colors!

I’ve got a list of shades I’m really enjoying right now. It’s a mix of colors and textures, but I like slushy, muted creme shades or dramatic, dark glitters.

Here’s the list!

1. Chanel Graphite: Star of my show. I would never have tried this if not for a gift voucher, and I’m not advocating spending so much on nail polish but if you EVER have any gift cards, credits, or that Xmas wish list, Chanel would be the first high-end varnish line I would point you to.

Graphite is that strange shade that is dark, pale, dull, and bright all at once. It gets compliments, it gets questions, it’s a shade you need to check out.

2. Revlon 810 Hazy is a soft cloudy grey creme. Not the “greige” (grey/beige) of yesteryear, but a PROPER grey. Absolutely subtle and absolutely chic at the same time. It goes with everything, but it still stands out.

3. Orly Rococo A-go-go. Completely decadent, dramatic and dark, this polish is a sheer, dark sparkly shade that is made up of swirls of deep plum, coral, and gold. Did not show up well on camera at all. You need to see this to know what I mean.

4. Revlon Grey Suede. Ironically, Grey Suede is not grey. Hazy is. Grey Suede is a soft camel-colored creme with a tiny hint of pearl. Very polished, very under-stated. This is a good flesh-toned shade for “mannequin” nails if you don’t want strong color.

5. Zoya Crystal. This is a metallic marine blue with silver duochrome, shot through with bright gold sparks. Now if that isn’t complicated I don’t know what is! It’s also a “healthier” polish, since Zoya is one brand that does not include a lot of common potentially-harmful ingredients in their polishes, so if that’s your thing, check this color out.

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