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Inglot Lip Product Mini-Haul (from NYC) - click images for clearer photos

I picked up several items from Inglot on my recent trip to New York, and 3 of these were fab lip products.

I would actually recommend you check out their little Lip Paint pots if you ever get the chance to; these are absolutely fantastic. They’re not sticky, sheer glosses. They’re really creamy, intense lip laquers that go on almost opaque if you build them up, and give a nice glossy finish.

Just look at those swatches to see how gorgeous they are! 

  • 56 - bright medium pink creme; similar to MAC Pink Nouveau in shade, but in a much easier-to-wear texture for most people.
  • 59 - gorgeous lavender-mauve creme; lip swatch image looks a little washed out. The wrist swatch is a better representation of the color. It’s a softer version of MAC Up the Amp lipstick and definitely a color to wear if you want some impact!

The 3rd product is one of their matte lipsticks; 421. This is a deep fuchsia that leans a little warm, so if you are afraid of very blue-based pinks and magentas this is a great shade. The texture isn’t as smooth and comfortable to wear as a MAC matte, and I only really bought it because the color was gorgeous. 

All Inglot products featured are US$12 before tax.

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