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Want Dark, Dramatic Lips for the Holidays? Look no Further!

Halloween is over but for some people, drama is an everyday thing.

Lime Crime’s Alchemy collection made me think of Maleficent and the Evil Queen in Snow White so much more than MAC’s Venomous Villains Collection did, even though they didn’t wear such colors themselves.

  • Serpentina is a toxic dark-emerald metallic for the ultimate drama queen
  • Poisonberry is a dark grape soda shade with a hint of blue-violet pearl 

I’ll admit I’m far more likely to wear Poisonberry out than Serpentina (deep purple IS the color of the moment), but that metallic green makes my heart beat faster because it’s SOOO poisonous looking. Who would have thought green lipstick would actually look kinda sexy?


Both have the typical creamy, lightweight feel of the Lime Crime lipsticks; think of MAC Amplified Cremes. Serpentina wins out by going on more evenly in 1-2 coats and being very true to how it appears in the tube.

Poisonberry is a surprisingly wearable grape which goes on a little more sheer and red-toned than it appears in the tube so you need to apply at least 2 coats for that really dark grape shade. You should make sure your lips are in good condition as the pigments can grab in areas. When the light hits it at certain angles, you get a faint shot of luminous blue-toned pearl.

Similar Shades:

  • Serpentina - I know Morgana Cryptoria has a range of these deep metallic shades if you’re in the mood for more of this type of colors, but I don’t own any currently so I’m afraid I can’t do a comparison
  • Poisonberry - This totally reminded me of MAC’s Violetta lipstick but it’s a truer and darker purple. If you find Violetta wears a little pink on your lips, then give Poisonberry a try.

Serpentina and Poisonberry are available on for $15.99 per tube. There is also an Alchemy set including both lipsticks and the eye shadow palette for a discounted price but that’s currently out of stock, so do check out or send the company and email to see if they might be restocking soon!

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