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Elven Green Dual-Color Eye Tutorial (Coastal Scents Hot Pots)

Green is a beautiful color but it can be garish all on its own too. 

Here’s a simple way to wear a rich green look but keep things still looking classy and “grown-up” for Fall by pairing it with a burgundy brown. I’ve done this before, and using a rich red-toned brown brings out the green better than if you use just a regular dull brown, taupe, grey, or black.

I paired Coastal Scents’ Kiwi Green Hot Pot with Cherry-Chocolate, both old favorites of mine, and then I jazzed it up with a little pale green glitter around the inner corner of my eye, which you can leave out if you’re wearing the look for day.

Step 1: I began by applying the cherry-chocolate shade to the outer half of the lids and also lightly along the outer halves of the lower lash line. 

Step 2: On the rest of the lids (inner halves) simply pack the green shadow.

Step 3: This is the optional step; use a little glitter glue (brands like Sally’s has some) or clear mascara to pick up some glitter and then gently press it along the inner portion of your socket line, following the hollow above your eye ball.

Step 4: Just apply a little black mascara to finish, or false lashes if you prefer more drama.
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