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Speaking of Guilty Pleasures…. MAC’s Holiday Mini-Sets are out. You know what to put on your Wishlists!

Just when I was talking about guilty pleasures indeed.

Well, if you’re the type to switch up your lip color a lot, getting 4 minis is a great way to try different looks without committing to any one particular color in full-size. The lip sets come in 3 groupings:

Nicely Nude: 4 nudes, creams, browns for the Mod girl.

Cocktail Coral: spans from creamy to peachy to pink. Good mix of shades, so check this out if you’re a beginner.

Lavish Rose: Cool creamy pink, and 3 mauve/purple shades for the drama-queen. 

As for the three pigment sets, I’m going to have to restrain myself since all my sets from the Snowglobe and Vera collections are all still pretty full. Still these are their usual gorgeous stacked metallic selves.

Tenderly Warm: Versatile mix of sugar-and-spice, with a soft pink, some beige/champagnes, and a soft brown.

Brilliantly Cool: The most interesting one if you’re looking for something different. Moss Garden from the Vera collection is re-released in this one, so if you love teals and marine shades, check this set out.

Guilty Passions: Arguably the prettiest-looking of the lot with a mix of pale pink, magenta, purple, and a dusty mauve. Might not be the most flattering and versatile shades for daily wear if you’re just starting out.

Check out the MAC page for more details here!

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