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Fall/Winter 2012 Trends: Mulberry Lips and Winged Black Eyes

A recap of 2 of the key trends for this year; plum lips with a clean face and clumpy mascara (especially love the Gucci “Mulberry” lip paired with bleached brows) or black winged eyes, worn both smoky and graphic.

Mulberry Lips

If you’re looking for a lipstick, look for something that seems to be right in the cross-roads of red and black. It shouldn’t lean too brown or too purple.

The texture varies (matte, creamy, glossy, metallic) but the application is always extremely precise. If you don’t have a steady head, definitely use a dark lip liner and lip brush to apply.

One other great way to get a very precise lip is to rub some concealer or foundation around the edges of your lips before you apply your liner or lipstick. The skin around our lip lines are sometimes a little discolored, so this helps to mask that. 

Some makeup artists also take it to the extremes by using a very small brush to paint a little foundation AROUND the lip line after applying lipstick. Definitely make sure you don’t leave a visible beige ring around your mouth if you try this!

Wear mulberry lips with a clean face (i.e. minimal eye makeup and no obvious blush; just some contouring if you need).

Winged Eyes

Most winged eyes are done with a matte charcoal or black shadow packed on really intensely onto the entire lid, but applied only up to the socket line; no further. Most looks are winged outward slightly at the outer corners for a cat-like effect.

Black on the lower lid is optional.

If you want some color, you can pop a little shimmery shadow over the inner corners of the eye where it will look duochrome without changing the overall look and shape.

For the lips to pair with this, anything goes but the preference is for a bright red or a dark vampy plum once again.

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