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Requested: 10 Favorite MAC Shadows (Pan-form)

Let me first begin by saying that I don’t own a huge MAC pressed shadow collection, unlike a lot of makeup bloggers and vloggers. There are a couple of reason for that:

  • I’ve always been big on loose pigments, so my entire MAC shadow collection is really a mixture of jars and pans. 
  • I don’t buy a lot of matte MAC shadows because I don’t find them particularly outstanding. I do think staple shades like Carbon and Brule are good, but you can find a matte black and a matte beige from a lot of cheaper brands like Wet n Wild, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, and INGLOT.

Dollar-Saving Tip: For a good neutral beige blending shade like Shroom or Brule, just pick up any pressed powder foundation with medium to high coverage. It’s cheaper and you’ll get a ton of product for your money. Save your money for more unique shades and textures.



Ricepaper - This is a soft pearlescent yellow-based beige that’s a great luminizing highlighter. If you have very yellow toned skin (C, NC in MAC foundations) or darker skin, the typical pale champagne or white highlight can look very harsh and chalky. Try Ricepaper.

Vex - Almost beige, almost grey, with a pink opalescent sheen like Pink Opal pigment. It’s one of the very first MAC shadows I ever bought and I’ve always loved it. Seedy Pearl has the same sheen but has a white base instead of a pale taupe.

Sable - I’ve been using this as a staple for a year and just hit pan. This is a great wash over the entire lid if you don’t want to do too much. It’s a warm frosty brown with a wine-red tone. FANTASTIC if you want to bring out green eyes.

Bronze - This is a nice rich medium brown that’s also a great wash over the entire lid. If you have pale skin, this is a fantastic smoky eye that won’t look too harsh. Also great for blue eyes because of the bronze-gold tones in it.

Concrete - The only matte I’m featuring here. It’s not a shade I use on the lids although it’s a nice taupe definer shade for the lash line for crease. What I DO use it for is filling in the brows. If you have dark hair and brown pencils tend to look too “reddish”, this is the puuuurrrfect grey-brown.


Parfait Amour - The most gorgeous bright purple I own. It’s not duochrome but it’s very dimensional; not a straight purple. There’s a slight indigo tone and a hint of pink as well. Beautiful on medium to dark skins.

Moons’ Reflection - This is my answer to a pastel blue. It’s not a baby blue, but then baby blue always looks too white and tacky on the lids unless you have porcelain skin. If you’re medium-fair to caramel/tan and want a soft blue, Moon’s Reflection is the one to try. Layer this over a black base to bring out the color in brown eyes.

Steamy - Mermaid green. Incredibly beautiful and works on most skin tones. But you better like some drama on your lids because this is almost always going to stand out on the lids. There are a lot of brands with similar mermaid green or teal shades, but Steamy has this lovely, creamy texture.

Sumptuous Olive - The most restrained and office/school-appropriate antique metal green you’ll find. You can wear it as a subtle wash for a bronze look or really thick for a stronger green look. Great for hazel eyes and most skin tones, but if you have  medium-toned olive skin, it might make your skin look a little sallow if you don’t make sure to wear some blush with it.

Star Violet - Dramatic raisin-y reddened violet. I love this in place of neutral shades like brown and grey when I want a smoky eye that’s going to stand out. Just make sure to use plenty of black liner and mascara so you don’t look like you’ve bruised your eyes. Apply lightly to bring out green eyes.

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