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Warm Santal Blush Eye with Full Lashes

Pink can make you look like you have swollen eyes, but a quick trick for reining in the color so it just gives a subtle warm glow rather than being a full-on pink is “layering”.

What you want to apply under that should be a deeper shade with a hint of pink in it, such as plum or violet. You can also use charcoal or black but you’d lose that warm blush effect. 

I used Benefit’s Creaseless Cream shadow in Stiletto for the base, and then 2 pinks from BH Cosmetics pans WM20 (neon matte pink) and WM04 (pastel matte pink). Go for shadows that are quite bright, because they will blend into a much softer shade.

Step 1: First apply the plum cream shadow all over your lids, up past the hollow of the socket line. Make sure you blend out the edges and run it along the lower lash line as well.

Step 2: Layer on the pink shadows. I applied a soft pastel pink to the inner halves and down around the inner corners as well. The on the outer half, I applied a neon pink. As you can see, only a faint hint of pink goes on, so it’s not going to look too crazy. 

I did not bring the pink shadows up past the socket line, because I want the pink to be surrounded by plum at the outer edges. This helps to define your eye contours.

Step 3: Run a black pencil along the inner rims of your eyes, and then once more above the upper lashes.

Step 4: Using your finger, smudge out the black liner above your upper lashes, so that you get a nice smoky gradient instead of a harsh black line. 

Step 5: Apply dramatic false lashes. I used Eylure Miss Eylure lashlets in “Alice”. I can’t exactly remember what the equivalent style is from Ardell, but most brands DEFINITELY have a similar version. Look for rather full but spiky strips that are longer at the outer corners. 

That, or you can just wear mascara and skip all this!

Nail polish shown: Essie Splash of Grenadine

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