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Evening Sky: Easy Neutral - but not Neutral - look!

Looking at the pictures, you wouldn’t think this look is based all around a brown base. In fact, it can look pretty subtle until the light hits it, and then the violet and copper sparkles just shine.

You want to look for:

A good dark brown matte shadow (Revlon’s Matte Shadow in Rich Sable is one of the best basic browns

2 loose or baked mineral shadows that are very sparkly:

  • a pale pale violet
  • a rich copper

Brown liner/pencil. (Black will do as well, but brown gives a softer effect.

Black mascara.

Step 1: First, make sure you apply a good base to your lids. You can use either BB Cream (Yes, my secret trick; I use a mattifying BB cream as eye primer very often. Cheap and good alternative to shadow primers if your lids are not particularly oily.)

Then use a soft brush to pack on a thick coat of brown shadow over the entire lid up to the socket line, and along the lower lash line. Use a looping motion to buff the shadow in as this gets you the most even and opaque coverage.

Step 2: Flip to the clean side of the brush and pick up a little of the pale violet/lavender sparkly shadow (a sample costs only $1 and lasts a LONG time). I find loose shadows easier to work with but if you have a sparkly pressed or baked shadow, there’s really no reason to go out and buy anything else.

Press it gently onto the inner half of the lids. Don’t buff or sweep your brush around because all the violet will get muddied up with the dark brown beneath, and also end up on your cheeks.

Step 3: On the outer half of the lids, using the same pressing motion, pack on a sparkly copper. I used MAC’s Copper Sparkle pigment, but if you find that a little expensive or hard to get hold of, you can actually use any shimmery copper-brown shadow. 

With what remains on the brush, sweep lightly inwards along the socket line and also spread the color lightly above the socket line for a smoky effect. (If you have dry or more mature lids, I recommend using a softer satin shadow instead of something too metallic.)

Step 4: Finish by lining the top and bottom lashes with brown liner, staying clear of the innermost corners, where you want the pale violet to stand out. Then apply your mascara and you’re done!
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