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Face it. This is the only time of the year most of us are likely to get away with full-on makeup on the eyes AND lips. 

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Smoky matte brown eyes and coral lips

This looks festive and so pretty on so many skin tones. Coral is bright and cheery, but doesn’t look as heavy as a full-on red, so it still looks fresh when paired with a heavier eye. 

2. STRONG wash of deep jewel-tone shadow on the lids

Sometimes keeping the whole face quite soft and neutral can bring out the drama of a strong eyeshadow even more. If you’re attracted to all those bright purples, fuchsias, blues, and teals popping up in the holiday palettes, wearing a single shade to maximum intensity as a smoky eye is the easiest way to get into it this time of year. Just make sure you line and mascara so your lashes don’t disappear, and feel free to experiment and bring the color up as high as you dare.

Keep your hair and outfit simple, and you absolutely DON’T have to match your shadow to your dress. This looks sooo fierce when a girl’s wearing all-black or all-white and her lids are this deep jewel-toned violet or sapphire-blue.

3. Primrose pink on the lips

Take a cue from Natalie Portman and throw a little warmth into your fuchsia! It’s not quite as electric as a very blue-based pink, and works for most skintones. 

Try MAC Lickable lipstick if you have lighter skin and Speak Louder if you have a deeper skin tone!

4. Drama Queen

Color on the lips AND eyes. There ARE no rules but it tends to be more flattering if you keep one feature bright and punchy (e.g. coral on the lips), and one feature a deeper jewel tone (navy, dark hunter-green, etc) instead of all bright and electric as well. Feel free to reverse it and go deep and dramatic on the lips, bright and punchy on the lids!

(I definitely don’t recommend a strong bright blush on TOP of all this though.)

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