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Subtle, Glitzy New Year Glitter Eye!

Here’s a way to pack on the glitter and glamour but still have it remain quite clean and chic for the New Year. I also wanted to reverse the typical half-glitter eye, by applying dark glitter on the outer areas of the lid, instead of a light glitter on the inner half of the lid, which is the typical way to do it.

You’ll just need

  • black eye pencil
  • matte beige shadow or pressed powder
  • matte black or charcoal shadow
  • glitter (any opalescent, multi-colored shade would work well; I used Taurus, a black with green, gold and bronze highlights)
  • clear glitter glue or clear brow mascara


Step 1: First lay the base. This look emphasizes the outer half of the lids, and this is where we’re applying the black pencil. Also run it thickly along the lower lash line. 

Now with your finger, gently smudge out the edges so you have no harsh lines. The lower lash line should also be smudged with a finger if you want that grungy messy look. Especially if you’re going to be out all day and you know your mascara or liner is going to smudge and transfer downwards.


Step 2: In the inner 1/3 of the lids, apply beige shadow diagonally in and up. Blend a little so there are no harsh lines.


Step 3: Gently dab a thin layer of glitter glue or clear brow mascara along the darker outer portions of the lid, and then pack the glitter on gently. 
When the glue is almost dry, apply a second coat for maximum impact. 

If you get fallout all over your cheeks, just use a piece of tape to lift them off very gently. (Press it against your hand a few times first so it’s not too strong and sticky.)


Step 4: Black or dark glitter can show up as little flecks on your skin, especially at the outer edges of your eye makeup. Not pretty. You can get around this by applying just a little black or charcoal colored shadow right along the outer edges of the makeup, along your socket line. The dark shadow helps to hide the little flecks of dark glitter.

If you’re using a translucent, pale colored glitter, and don’t get this problem, you can skip this step.


Step 5: Finish with black mascara or half strips of false lashes! (Image taken with flash.)

Taurus Glitter: 

This is for those of you who want a closer look at the glitter shade I chose and the sort of color combination we are talking about. 

I wanted an oil-slick effect, so I opted for a dark and dramatic shade with green, gold and copper sheen. You can see from the last image above that it looks bronze in the light, and shows green in the shade, against the black base. 


A regular glitter would give you plenty of drama as well, and you can really switch up the colors depending on your needs, but do make sure what you have is cosmetic-grade (fine and bleed-proof) because you are applying this around your eye area.

 Large, square/angular-cut glitters can get into your eyes and scratch the delicate membranes there. The last thing you need for the holidays.


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