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Snow Fairy: Winter Sparkle Tutorial with a Dimensional Base

[1st image above taken in flash, 2nd in daylight.]

What sort of holiday season would it be without at least one snow-inspired look? For those of us living in hot climates, there’s all the more reason to at least channel the look, even if we can’t get all wrapped up in Winter clothes. 

This is a look done using holographic white glitter, over 4 shades of shadow that create the illusion of depth and nuance that glitter would not be able to create.

You will need:

  • soft blue shadow (I used MAC Tilt)
  • a pearly white shadow (I used BH Cosmetics CS05)
  • a soft grey shadow (BH Cosmetics MS17)
  • a matte black (BH Cosmetics CM19)
  • a white holographic glitter (Lime Crime Gemini; this is quite a common shade in craft stores, but you will be packing on a LOT so make sure that you are using very fine cosmetic-grade glitter)


This glitter is a white with violet, green, and gold highlights. If you’re looking for something in the local art/makeup store, there are some “snow effect” glitters that are similar. As always, make sure you look for the finest possible sizes in round cuts because many aren’t safe for the eye area!


Step 1: First apply a concentrated strip of white pearl down the center of your lid. If you apply this last, the white wouldn’t be quite as pronounced and strong.


Step 2: Apply the soft blue to the inner 1/3 of the lids. I like MAC Tilt because it’s a beautiful soft shade with hints of grey and green, but any soft blue would do.

Run this blue along the lower lash line as well.


Step 3: Apply soft grey to the outer 1/3 of the lids, and along the outer half of the lower lash line, over half of the blue you applied there earlier. By now it should almost look like a soft winter-waters color-scheme.

You can opt to stop here with the shadows if you have pretty deep sockets and don’t want too much darkness around the eyes.


Step 4: For that bit of extra oomph, add a black shadow right to the outer corners, in the center of the grey. This creates extra depth.


Step 5: Glitter time! You can use eye drops or clear brow gel if you want a quick fix, but I find glitter sealant or makeup setting spray the best thing for this because it allows the glitter to go on without shifting the shadows below. 

Dampen a synthetic brush with the sealant of your choice, and then dip it into glitter and gently press-press-press it over the lid, adding more sealant and glitter as needed. IMPORTANT: Apply 1 coat all over first, and then go over with a second layer of dry glitter just to coat the lid more thoroughly and create that super-dramatic effect.

Be careful to always tilt your head down slightly when applying, so any fallout drops off instead off into your eye. It’s VERY uncomfortable. If you are going to be out for awhile, set your eye area with a fixing spray as well, to minimize fallout due to wear and tear.

Ultimately though, you’re still going to end up getting glitter everywhere, which is just as well since, this is a snow fairy look! 

Step 6: Run a tiny bit of black liner along the upper lash line, then curl lashes and apply mascara to finish.
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