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2013 Pantone Color of The Year: Emerald

Whee! What a great shade!

I’ve always loved a deep, rich green, ESPECIALLY used for a smoky eye. I never touched green until a makeup artist I worked with (almost 10 years ago now) used a deep smoky emerald green all over my lids for an intense smoky eye.

It was the first time I realized green could look both sultry and edgy. 

P.S. As you can see from the graphic liner look above (which I love-love-love) you don’t have to avoid strong green when you have green eyes. We always place a bit too much credence on those outdated makeup rules. Certain colors DO play up your eye color a little more than others, but unless you’re wearing a TON of it around the eyes, otherwise the overall effect is quite minimal because the hair, skin, clothes and the rest of their outfit and makeup impact everything as well.


Emerald is almost always quite dramatic. It’s not a soft shade. It’s not a brown-toned olive or a pale mint. There’s nothing very pastel or subtle about it, and it’s not meant to be.

If you’re not sure about green, start with a little green liner. If you’re ready to jazz it up, use 2 greens, one deep and one light, and create an ombre liner going from pale to deep.


Or you can go REALLY dramatic and just apply an intense coat of green glitter. It’s not the most comfortable look in the world when your lid is positively ENCRUSTED with green micro-glitter, but just watch jaws drop whenever you blink or turn your head. 


Lastly, there’s also the mixed-tactic. Metallic, with glitter in parts. Stay tuned for the tutorial tomorrow!


If you’re still a little shy of wearing any emerald green around your eyes, the simple thing is to just wear it on the nails of course. Essie Pretty Edgy nail polish is a nice rich green option. It’s a creme finish (no glitter/shimmer) so you can always jazz it up by coating your tips with gold, silver, or green glitter!

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