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Red-Metal Winged Liner Tutorial (Quick and Easy!)

Good for:

  • Green, hazel eyes
  • Any skin color
  • Most eye shapes

I was totally in love with the recent metallic winged liner trend, but instead of doing the exact same look, I wanted to try a much less typical color.


If you have red/wine colored metallic shadows and don’t quite know what to do with them, this is a very good option to try. 


Step 1: The base. I actually used a basic metallic brown gel liner (Maybelline) cut with a touch of jojoba oil on the brush so it spreads better. The base helps your look to last longer and look more intense.

Cover your entire mobile lid and end the strip of color in a simple flick upwards at the outer corners. (Use your nail to scrape the color into a neat point if you need.)


Step 2: Let the cream set just a little so it’s not overly creamy or oily. Then use a bright wine or berry red (I used Coastal Scents’ Victorian Ruby Hot Pot; MAC Star Violet and Cranberry are nice alternatives) and a flat brush to gently pat a coating of metallic red over the brown.


Step 3: Finish with mascara!

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