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How to Wear Plum Lipstick, plus L’oreal Color Riche Intense Plum Demo!

Plum is an odd cross between purple, brown AND red. It has the ability to look very goth OR very posh and chic depending on your outfit and the rest of your makeup. 

If you’re looking for some good options, you’ll be happy to know drugstore brands do carry good versions of this shade. The one I’m working with today is L’oreal’s Color Riche in Intense Plum because it goes on evenly (some are patchy), comes in a creme formula (some people don’t like mattes because they’re very drying) and is not too dark or light so it works for most skin colors.


Not everyone likes plum because when done wrong, it can make you look sallow, but here are some tips to make it work, as well as a few alternate ways to use that untouched tube in your drawer!

  • The brown and purple tones can bring out any uneven-ness in light to medium skins. If you don’t have perfect skin tone, remember to even it out with a good base.
  • Unlike red lipstick, there aren’t enough red-based tones to brighten the skin. Wearing a more intense pink blush can help to add life into your face without competing with the lips.
  • If you’re wearing a creamy formula like the L’oreal, it might bleed into the fine lines around your lips. You can either wear a matching lip liner beneath or else run around the edges of your lips with a tiny bit of silicone-based concealer (pot forms work best for this purpose) on a lip brush. Make sure the color matches your skin or you’ll end up with a light ring around your mouth!
Here are 2 alternate ways to make your plum lipstick go the extra mile!


As a stain: I’m a fan of those luscious berry-tinted lips a la Liv Tyler 

  1. Apply lip balm all over your lips
  2. Rub some lipstick onto a finger tip and then dab it around the center of your lips
  3. With the residual amounts on your finger, spread and pat the color outwards toward the corners of the lips.


For a dramatic metallic look: this looks good on almost everyone, but if you have very dark skin or you love emphasizing your lips, you have to try it!

  1. Apply a layer of your lipstick
  2. Use a flat shadow or concealer brush to pick up plenty of a rose, red or fuchsia metallic pigment (I used MAC’s Crushed Metallic Pigment in Moon Rose; Bright Fuchsia pigment would work)
  3. Gently press - don’t rub - a layer of shimmery pigment over the lips. You can choose to concentrate the pigment around the center of the lips for more dimension and drama or just wear it all over for a custom lip shade nobody else has!
  4. It’s optional to apply gloss over it, but I prefer not to as this gives a longer lasting satin finish.
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