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The Neo-Bombshell Giveaway (300,000 Follower Makeup Giveaway Part 2)

Leave red to the other girls.

Fuchsia is where it’s at!

When I was thinking of what a gorgeous, glamorous girl would wear, I immediately thought of a classic “bombshell” with strong lips and neutral, defined eyes. But red is everywhere, and there’s nothing like a deep, rich shade of fuchsia to make you stand out from the crowd (without losing an iota of posh either).

The Neo-Bombshell set includes:

  • Centrifuchsia lipstick – Perfect cross between standout and chic. When I want a color that is intense and eye-catching, but still works for a formal event, this is it. And, dang it, it looks good on EVERYONE!
  • Eyeshadow Helper – Whether you’re wearing a barely there touch of brown or full-on sultry makeup, this primer keeps it on. (I also own Urban Decay, Too Faced, Nars, just to name a few other high-end high-performance primers, and I will stand by this one’s ability to outlast those.) Plus, it now comes in a portable, hygienic tube so your product stays fresh longer and you can travel with it, and it’s 100% vegan, for those of you who only use vegan products!
  • Rhyme Liquid Liner – Sure, black liner is de riguer for bombshells, but you can get that anywhere (and most of you already have one). Don’t think of Rhyme just as a liner. Wear a natural, neutral eye and dab a tiny bit of this in the inner corners or down the center of your lid as a liquid shadow. Instant va-va-voom.

How to Win It:

Leave a reply/reblog saying who your favorite bombshell is and why! The Bombshell Set contest closes on 24 Feb 2013, so don’t wait ‘til the last minute! (P.S. I mean ANY celeb, woman, etc. You don’t need to stick with Kim K or Nicki Minaj!)


You must be a follower of Makeup Box

You must have parental consent (if under 18) to provide mailing details to me if you win.

I must be able to contact you via Tumblr (activate your Ask function) or Disqus (make sure you include an active email address for your Disqus profile; I will need to be able to see it when I click your name).

This giveaway is sponsored by Lime Crime Makeup.

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    kat von d :) i just love how she is who she is and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. she dresses how she...
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    My favourite bombshell is Katrina Kaif, the Bollywood actress. The way she dances hypnotized me from the very beginning...
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    My favorite bombshell would have to be Rihanna. I’ve always loved her music (because its hella danceable and because I...
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  8. it-will-always-be-youu said: My favorite bombshell is Marilyn Monroe because she makes girls who aren’t a size zero feel good about themselves! She was beautiful!
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    My favorite bombshell...Gwen Stefani because her makeup
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  12. flintandpyrite said: Definitely Beyonce. She is such an amazing person: a brilliant businesswoman, excellent singer, mother and public figure. She is really beautiful and really encourages all women to be their best selves and support each other. Also she is really beautiful.
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