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Soft, Warm Copper Eye Makeup (Transition from Day to Night for Valentine’s using Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadows!)

What’s a girl to do if she’s got class or work in the day, and no time to run home and redo her makeup after that? Wear makeup that you can easily transit from day to evening!

Valentine’s (or anytime you are spending a time in close proximity with any typical guy) is probably not the time for bright blue liner and lime green shadow, so I’m throwing out a simpler, more subtle look first.

Those of you with blue eyes should take especial note of the color combination if you want something that can take you from day to night, AND brings out the blue tones in your eyes.

(Note that my palette is from 1-2 years ago so it’s not in the new packaging. Shame because there were some lovely colors in the old range.) The closest alternative from the 16 Hour collection is Brazen (below), although the main lid shade is more of a bronze than a reddened copper.


Great for:

  • Blue Eyes
  • Most Skin Colors
  • Those who want to define their eye contours


Step 1: The main shade that you lay down is the rich copper/rust color, and if you have blue eyes, this is the color that is going to bring out the blue tones most. 

Lay it down on the outer half of the lid within the socket area, and then sweep gently inwards along the socket line. (If you have close-set eyes, don’t sweep the color in along the socket line. Just keep it on the outer 1/2 of the lids.)



Step 2: With the peach-beige shade, fill in the inner 1/2 of the lids and blend into the copper slightly. If you are using the Brazen quad, you’d use the metallic beige here. 


Step 3: Using an angled brush or a flat firm brush, pick up the darkest chocolate brown and run that along the upper lash line. At the outer corner, run your brush straight out rather than down. This subtly lifts the outer corners of the eye.

Run the same shade along the outer half of the lower lash line.


Step 4: Using your finger, dab just a touch of the palest shade, platinum gold, down the center of the lid. 

If you have close-set eyes, apply the pale gold on the inner corners of the eye instead of the center of the lid.

Step 5: Apply mascara to finish!

NOW, to transform the look from a day look into an evening one…


Step 6: Pick up the copper (OR copper if you’re using a slightly different palette) and gently dust it over the inner 1/3 of the lid to deepen it. Then on the outer 1/3, apply a mixture of the dark brown and copper and then gently buff and blend it up and out in a wing.

Along the lower lash line, you can apply a bit more of the dark brown from outer corners almost to the inner corner.

Step 7: At this point, you might want to reapply a light coat of mascara since some of the shadow would have been dusted onto your lashes, and can make them less defined.

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