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Soft Duochrome Violet:  Quickly transform your neutral day look into a glam evening look!

Great for:

  • Those who work where makeup needs to be subtle
  • Most eye colors since it’s a blend of so many tones
  • Monolids and regular lids
  • Pretty much any skintone

Note: If you have very pale or dark skin, you may need to lighten or deepen the brown shades a bit.

I used the 88 warm palette because it contains so many neutral taupe (grey-brown) tones. For the duochrome shade, you can use any color, as they all tend to work on most skintones. I used a mica from Coastalscents called Chameleon Violet, but you can use any a pink/blue shifting shade like MAC Stars n Rockets (more pink) or Urban Decay Fishnet (exact match).


Step 1: Apply a taupe, matte cream base. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe. This is what is going to make your whole look last the day. Apply onto the entire lid and then gently spread and soften so it fades until it almost touches the brow at the center.


Step 2: Using a firm smudger brush, pick up a little black shadow and then just rub that back and forth along the upper lash line until you create a hazy smoky eyeliner effect. It should be darkest at the lash line and diffuse upwards until it fades into the brown.


Step 3: Here, I applied a matte taupe brown to the entire lid, within the socket line, so it doesn’t go out as far as the taupe base you applied earlier. This is going to be the main lid shade. If you can’t find a matte one, a slightly pearlescent one would work as well.


Step 4: At the inner corners of your eyes, you can apply a little shimmery beige if you have close-set eyes. This will “pull apart” your eyes slightly.

You can apply mascara at this stage to finish if you’re going to school or work.


Step 4: Evening time! You can use your fingers or a soft brush to pick up a little duochrome shadow and apply it in a strip down the center of your eye. THEN gently blend the color outwards along the socket line with what remains on your brush or finger. DON’T try too hard to draw in a specific fan shape. My diagram is just to show you how far the purple can blend so you get a nice blending effect.


Step 5: Finish by refreshing your mascara if you’ve gotten shadow on your lashes! From a distance your eye look will be sort of plummy and neutral-looking, but once you blink or your face hits the light, people will catch a flash of bright blue-violet.

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