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Bejewelled: Gem Encrusted Eyes at Dior

I was completely wowed by Pat McGrath’s studded lids at the Dior’s Spring/Summer 2013 show. This isn’t something you can do everyday, but a single line of sequins along the lash line as an accent for a party might be an option.

The key to the look here is:

  1. A base shade in a geometric shape. McGrath applied either a  rectangular block or a regular wing of shadow in a strong bright color (blue, green, orange, red or violet) across the lid, then
  2. she applied individual crystals in various patterns and shapes, deliberately NOT matching the shape of the shadow below.

What you’ll need:

  • A strong cream color base or pigment shadow; anything that will give you a very strong and opaque block of color
  • Crystals (you can look for expensive Swarovski crystals from brands like Make Up For Ever or just visit your local craft store; make sure to get a variety of sizes and colors)
  • Lash glue to adhere each gem
  • Tweezers to dip each gem in glue and apply it

My favorite looks?

The red eye with the geometric crystals, and the violet eye with the multi-colored, multi-sized gem wing over it! 

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