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The Copper Cat - Graphic Winged Eye

This is an updated recreation of a winged graphic eye, below, that I did awhile back, except this time, I used a copper metallic shadow instead of purple. You can always switch the lid color according to your preference.


This latest version is a little more precise and not quite as dramatic, so it’s up to you which version you prefer to try.

This eye shape can be done for:

  • Mono-lids, hooded lids, regular lids
  • Any eye color; though copper looks especially good with blue eyes, or if you are a woman of color.

You will need:

  • A gel liner - I used Maybelline Lasting Drama in 01 Black
  • A copper metallic shadow - I used Coastal Scents hot pot in Copper Pot
  • A black shadow - any matte black you have will work
  • A pale beige or yellow liner - I used NYX Yellow



Step 1: First do a regular line along the upper lash line with the black gel liner. Pull it outward into a wing following the angle of your LOWER lash line, almost like you are extending it.


Step 2: Do a second line along the hollow of your eye socket. Start from the center of the eye, extend outwards along the curve of your socket, and THEN go back to the center and draw inwards.

As you reach the outer corner of the eye, start to curve the line up to almost meet the first line you draw earlier.

P.S. If you mess up the line, don’t worry about it. You can always use a cotton bud or a little concealer to clean up around the black lines.


Step 3:  With a flat eye shadow brush, gently pack copper shadow within the 2 lines. Don’t worry about not being too neat as long as it stays within the lines. Just make sure there are no gaps between the copper and the black.


Step 4: With a black shadow and a flat angled brush, lightly trace over the black liner from earlier, and also pull it along the lower lash line from outside in. Don’t pick up too much black shadow or it will be hard to control.


Step 5: Using a light yellow or beige pencil (or white if you have neither), run it along the lower waterline. This helps to open up the eye.  Then finish with black mascara.

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