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Soft Spring Morning: Simple, Subtle Taupe Eye with a Blue Crease

This is the simplest trick in the book for anyone who wants to incorporate a little pretty color into their neutral look without going over the top.

You can choose to do just Step 1-3 for the day and add a colored crease at night, OR you can easily wear this whole look out from day to night.

This look is good for:

  • Brown, blue, grey eyes
  • All eye shapes and skin colors

If you have green eyes, you can switch the crease shade to a bright violet or a green.


Step 1: First apply a matte taupe brown all over the lid and under the outer half of the lash line. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe but powder would work just as well if you have slightly oilier lids.


Step 2: Contouring. Add a little matte dark brown in the outer corners and at the outer portions of the lower lash line as well.


Step 3: Apply a little black liner along the upper lash line and smudge it out with your finger so it’s soft and not obvious.

If you are wearing the neutral look out during the day, you can go ahead and apply your mascara right now.


Step 4: The colored crease. Pick up a bright medium shade and apply it from the outside in along your natural socket line. Don’t go all the way to the inner corners because it can make the look over-drawn and make your eyes look closer together. I chose MAC Moon’s Reflection, a beautiful pearly medium blue.

Be careful not to choose a color that is too pale because it needs to work as a crease defining shade.

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