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Spring Pink: Find the Light Pink Lip that’s right for you!

We find outselves drawn to that soft, candy-like pink lip on other people, but it can often go terribly wrong when we apply it on ourselves. Here are 10 options and the women they’d look good on.

In order of swatches:

1. NYX Strawberry Milk

This perennial favorite is filled with white pigments and is PERFECT for uber-pale girls on whom most pastel pinks look too strong and bright. Girls with medium-light skin who also have pale lips can wear it as well, but if you are any darker than an NC25 or NW20 and have pigmented lips, this will look very chalky on you.

2. NYX Jupiter

A pale pink that’s a bit more forgiving simply because it’s translucent and frosty. Works on pale to tan skins, but if you are very dark, this might look too silvery. It still works if you like that sort of dramatic sheen, but go easy on it or you could look very 80’s sci-fi.

3. Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in B24

Probably the most forgiving beige pink someone with light to medium-tanned skin can find. If you are hispanic or Southeast-Asian and have olive skin that doesn’t quite seem to go with most nudes or pale pinks, give this one a try!

4. MAC Pink Pearl Pop

One of my newest babies. This is a bright warm bubble-gum pink that is semi-sheer and a touch pearly, so it’s not as strong and bright as it might look in the tube. If you have pale skin, it can look a little strong (and very pretty), but if you are medium to dark-skinned, this is pigmented enough to look like a beautiful pastel on your lips.

5. MAC Pink Plaid

The only matte I included here because it’s a slightly-cooler pink-beige that looks great on light to medium skin. If you have tanned skin, this will look like a cool-toned mauve, which is a pretty look as well. Not such a good idea on very dark skin tones because it will show a little ashy.

6. NYX Tea Rose

Every girl should try this ONCE in her lifetime. This is a creamy, rich neutral pink has just enough red tones to look great on medium-to-caramel skins, AND it looks cute on dark skins as a nude-pink. On very pale skins, it shows up like a rich medium rose.

7. Revlon Pink In The Afternoon

Very Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. This lipstick has been around for ages, and sadly I’ve only JUST bought it. Somehow I always thought this bright (yet soft) peachy-pink wouldn’t look good, but it DOES work on so many skin tones. Try this if you want something cute and bright, but not too cool-toned.

8. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pursuit

This frosty warm pink works on everyone from very pale to very dark, because it’s got a touch of peachy undertones to it. If you’re not comfortable wearing a full-on pink lipstick, glosses are the easy way to do it.

9. MAC Cremesheen Glass in Right Image

This lingerie pink has a soft pearl, and is very good for layering over a nude/beige lipstick. On its own, it works as well, but probably better on someone with less pigmented lips. If you have dark or red lips, the pale pigments can settle into lines.

10. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Crystal Lilac

This is one of the prettiest pink glosses I have ever found in the drugstore. It’s a soft translucent pink with a lavender sheen so it is subtle, but won’t disappear into your lips even if they are quite pigmented. Give it a try!

P.S. EDIT due to typo!!! Glosses go with most skin colors, so I DO recommend the last 3 products for most skin tones. You just need to consider how pigmented your lips are when it comes to gloss cos some are too translucent to show up on very red lips.

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