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Simple Easter French Manicure!

A super quick tutorial for pastel Easter-themed nails that don’t take a whole lot of “expertise” to do.

You will need:

  • A basic nail color, preferably pastel colored and in a creme (non-shimmery) finish
  • 2 metallic acrylic paints or nail polishes
  • A nail dotting tool (below) or a used-up ball point pen (make sure there is no ink left on the tip)
  • A small flat paint brush


Nail polish or acrylic paint?

I do prefer acrylic paints to nail polish for detail work because you get more time before it dries, and the clean-up is SO much easier. Only water and soap needed. If you use nail polish, you’ll need to soak your brushes and dotting tools in nail polish remover.

Plus, acrylic paints are incredibly cheap. I used 2 shades from the Martha Stewart Crafts range:

  • A Pearl Blue paint - “Gazing Ball”
  • A Metallic Bronze - “Copper”


COMPLETELY self-explanatory from the above images.

1. Apply basecoat and then 2 coats of nail polish. I used Ciate’s Apples and Custard, a deep minty-pea.

2. Using the finer-pointed end of a dotting tool, I applied about 5-7 dots on each nail, in 2 rows. The easy way is to dot near the center of the nail, then add 2 dots to the side of that first dot. Then in between each dot, nearer to the tip, I added about 2 more.

3. Using more paint on the dotting tool, I just connected all the dots into an angular “wave”. You can skip this step if you have a steady hand and can visualize your lines in your head.

4. Using a small flat brush, fill in the tips, outside of the dots, with the metallic pearl blue. If the paint is a little thin or streaky, you can let it dry, then go over with a second coat.

5. Using the dotting tool again, dip into a metallic gold or bronze shade and then go over the wavy edge between the pearl blue and the green polish.

6. Let dry for a few minutes and then go over with clear topcoat to seat everything. Voila!

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