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Revisiting: The Creamy Salmon-Pink Lip

Want a color that pretty enough for Spring, but still bright enough that it’s not a wishy-washy pastel? 

This is something that showed up on the catwalks about 2 years back, but is still gorgeous today. You take any fuchsia pink or coral you have, and you mix it with a flesh-toned concealer shade. What you get is a highly-pigmented salmon-pink (fuchsia lipstick) or milky-peach (coral lipstick) that takes on a bright pastel hue and really pops against your skin. 

Perfect on a sunny day OR as an alternative to the usual nude lip with smoky eyes!

The easy way to apply it:

1. Smear a layer of concealer over your lips.

Get a stick concealer like Revlon Photoready or Maybelline Cover Stick since those are in convenient “lipstick” tubes so you can apply quickly without fingers.

2. Apply your fuchsia pink or coral lipstick over the concealer and then blend it into the concealer either by rolling your lips together or by using your finger or a brush.

I find the above method (apply both products straight from the tube and then press the lips together to mix them) the fastest way to re-apply while out, and it’s really not that much more inconvenient than touching up a regular lippy.

Other suggestions:

The easiest way to get a consistent color is to squish a bit of both products into a pot side by side(so it looks like an eyeshadow duo) and then use your finger or brush to rub both shades before applying to your lips. 

Of course, if you prefer, you can also melt both products into a pot and not have to worry about mixing ever.

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