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Day-Glow: Bright Spring Pastel Makeup (Easily transforms into a dramatic look!) 

I’m a fan of pairing opalescent green lids with bright pink. For Spring/Summer, it’s one of those color combinations that’s fab-and-fresh and goes with so many skin-tones.

The same bright eyes and cheeks works with an almost neon coral-pink lip that I’m in love with, carries surprisingly well into the night if you like uber-dark Noir lips (another FANTASTIC lipstick to introduce today) but don’t want that wintry, monochromatic face. 


  1. a charcoal grey pencil from NYX (called - duh - Charcoal)
  2. a golden green from The Body Shop’s old eyeshadow line, which they have sadly discontinued. MAC Golden Olive pigment is pretty much identical but slightly more intense. Otherwise, any bright lime-toned green would work.
  3. a medium khaki green from L’oreal Infallible (009 Permanent Kaki). The name’s different in different countries, so just look for a metallic mossy medium-green.
  4. a lavender/violet shimmer (I used a random lavender from an un-named shadow I got on eBay; pick any medium purple you have but make sure it’s slightly blue-toned, like MAC’s Cornflower pigment
  5. a light silver also from L’oreal’s Infallible range (032 Sassy Marshmallow); any silver metallic shadow works
  6. a matte yellow eye pencil, NYX Yellow, for the waterline (optional)
  7. Mascara (L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black)


I used a bright, bright matte candy pink called Flamingo Pink from La Femme. If you have caramel to dark skin, use a fuchsia or magenta.



  • Stila Elle from the Color Balm Lipstick range, a day-glow pink with neon-coral tones (it shows more blue-toned on camera than it is in real life), and
  • Sephora’s R24 Bewitch Me (the most luscious and pigmented blackened purple creme; if you have dark skin or like noir/goth looks, check this gorgeous lipstick out).



Step 1: Draw some charcoal grey along the lash line and smoke it out slightly with your finger.



Step 2: On the inner 2/3 of the lid, apply the paler golden green. If you are very dark-skinned, use a bright jewel green instead.


Step 3: On the outer 1/3 of the lid, apply a slightly deeper green than what you used earlier, and sweep it inward along the socket line. 


Step 4: Along the lower lash line, trace a little purple shadow from the outer corners in, but not quite reaching all the way to the inner corners. Then I ran a matte yellow pencil along the waterline just to open up the eyes further because it’s quite a doll-like eye look with all these pastels.


Step 5: [Optional] At the inner corners, dab just a touch of silver to add a shot of radiance to the eyes. If you have close-set eyes, don’t skip this step.

Finish with mascara.


Step 6: On the cheeks, I applied a bright candy-pink blush. If you’re going to apply as much as I did for dramatic effect, remember not to use anything with shimmer.

Step 7: On the lips, you can choose to go with a bright coral pink, or swing the other way and go almost-black. If you prefer something a little more toned down, just wear a pink gloss!

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