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Cheater’s stacked “double-liner” eye tutorial

It looks really nice to stack 2 lines of liquid liner one on top of the other on the lid, but it’s not the easiest thing to do if you’re quite new at it, or if you don’t have a lot of time to fuss with your makeup. It’s also fun and bright, but not too dramatic (if you skip the falsies) to wear in the day because the color is just limited to the lash line.

Here’s how you can get the same effect without having to worry about a steady hand.

You will need just a shadow of your choice, and a gel liner of your choice. Make sure that the 2 colors aren’t too similar or you won’t get that pretty effect.

I chose a pastel turquoise blue from L’oreal Infallible range, and a deep cobalt blue matte cream liner from Laura Mercier (it’s similar to MAC’s Waveline, but with a little less violet in the undertone). I also have a pair of dramatic flared lashes from Sephora called Cabaret.

A few other things you need:

  • lid primer and powder or skin-colored matte shadow
  • water, eye drops, OR alcohol-free toner
  • mascara

Step 1: [Optional] First apply a primer or flesh-toned base to your entire lid, and set with a little powder along the socket line. Because there isn’t any shadow applied over the entire lid for this look, you want to mask any natural discolorations and shadows you might have around the eye area.

Step 2: Use a flat shadow brush to pick up some of your pastel blue shadow and then dampen with a fixing medium (pure water works too, but eye drops or Fix+ etc will help your shadow to last a little longer).

Apply along the lash line in a thick swatch, ending in an upward flick so it looks almost like eyeliner.

***IF YOU HAVE HOODED OR MONO-LIDS, you will need to take this swatch all the way past your crease so that it’s visible while your eye is open.

Step 3: Apply your gel liner in a darker shade, applying to HALF the thickness of the shadow you applied earlier.

(The particular gel liner I used mixed with the shadow beneath and turned into a brighter blue, which was completely unintended but nice!)

***IF YOU HAVE MONO-LIDS OR HOODED LIDS, make sure the outer flick is quite obvious because that is where the stacked effect is going to show.

Step 4: Apply mascara and a little beige or yellow pencil along the lower lash line (optional).

Step 5: [Optional] If you want some extra drama, you can apply false lashes. What you want to avoid are very thick and heavy lashes that could completely hide the liner. Go with very natural, wispy ones, or else just use accent lashes like I did, so they add a bit of drama but don’t obscure the blue stacked liner. (But don’t get the Ardell Brush-On adhesive pictured. I took the shot then later discovered it doesn’t work well for strip lashes.)

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