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[Requested] Favorite Out-of-the-Box Beauty/Makeup Tips and Tricks

Now for those of you don’t like read much text, please hit the Back button right now because I will be listing 10 of my favorite beauty tricks and there’s no way for this post not to be wordy!
If you’d like to find out some of the less conventional things I do to save money, stretch my products, or get around particular beauty issues, read on!
1. BB cream as eye shadow primer.
(Only works if you don’t have very oily lids.)
Moisture grabs onto eyeshadow pigments and intensifies them, and it conditions and protects the delicate skin around the eyes as well.
2. Use your fingernail to scrape your eyeliner into a flick.
Rather than trying so hard to use your brush to get a perfect point, just go halfway with your brush, and finish it with your nail when you want that razor-sharp point.
3. Pat-pat-pat your foundation on.
If you like using your hands to apply your base, pat to spread the thinnest and most even layer all over rather than rubbing it on. You get more coverage for the same amount of product, and it won’t look streaky.
4. Use a matte pencil to conceal dark spots before applying regular concealer over everything (if you need it after that).
If you don’t have the time or you’re outside and can’t use a tiny brush to paint a light concealer onto dark marks, get a matte pencil in a light beige or yellow color and dot it on to quickly and easily conceal dark marks. Then if the pencil is still visible, pat a tiny bit of regular concealer over it and you’re done. (NYX Yellow is fantastic for most medium-fair to tan skins). If you are extremely fair, use a matte white. If you are very dark, use a beige-orange (this might crop up among the lip pencils instead of the eye pencils).
5. Taupe-brown (greyish brown) brow pencils are great for tracing VERY LIGHTLY around the edge of the lips after you apply your lip color, if you want them to appear slightly bigger, but don’t want it to be too obvious. If you are very fair, use a lighter taupe of course.
6. Use a small liner brush to apply your colorful cream shadows along the upper lash line OR the lower lash line when you want a subtle look. (For the reader who asked how she could wear bright-colored Color Tattoo shadows to school!)
7. Dip your blush brush into translucent loose powder or silica powder and tap lightly to remove excess, before you dip it into your blush. This gives you a more even application, prevents over-application of pigmented blushes, and minimizes streaks and dark spots when blush “grabs” onto moisture or sebum on the cheek.
8. For super-thick lashes that don’t look clumpy and unnatural, whack on a layer of mascara, then hold a clean disposable mascara wand on the tops of your lashes, and rotate it out and up. The bristles will grab clumps around the tips of the lashes and pull them off quicker than using a lash comb, without reducing any length or messing up the curl. Then apply more mascara and repeat if you want to keep bulding up your lashes!
9. Don’t touch up your powder to remove shine. Remove the oil with a blotting sheet first. Touching up is what you do AFTER you remove the oil and you see that your foundation coverage has faded a bit. (And you won’t need to touch-up much at all, if the oil doesn’t have a chance to break down your makeup.)
10. Use hair treatment oils as cuticle/nail treatment oils. Hair and nails are very similar and can be treated with similar products, so you don’t really need to buy a separate item for both in most cases. Hair oils tend to come in bigger bottles and cost less then nail oils, so the choice is obvious. The only difference is many hair oil products sometimes contain silicones to increase “slip” so you can spread it through your hair better, and all that means is your hands will feel less greasy than when using a heavier product.
I’m sure there are more that I can’t pull off the top of my head right now, but I’ll list them if I think of them!
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