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Beauty Q&A (20 April 2013)

Hey um I’m just starting out with makeup, what do you think is a good idea for everyday schoolish makeup for a middle schooler? (I want to look fairly natural though)

I would say go with a soft matte browns and beiges on the lids, a little mascara, just a hint of color on the cheeks, and a nice lipgloss that isn’t TOO pigmented, so it has a tint but your lip-color shows through. Here’s a look that you can easily recreate. (Just skip steps 3 and 4 because it’s really optional and not necessary for a school look.)


top 5 ‘natural’ eye shadows? top 5 mascaras? and top 5 eyeliners?

I’ll do a full post with swatches and pictures soon!


What is the best mascara to make your eye lashes look long?

I would say go with any fiber mascara if you want length. Fiber mascaras are like mini lash extensions. They contain tiny little black fibers that attach onto the tips of your lashes and look like your own. I personally find “wetter” formulas like Majolica Majorca Lash Exander better than dry formulas like Fiber Wig from Déjà vu because the fibers will transfer and stick to your lashes better, and you have more time to comb them into place nicely so they don’t point in odd directions. I haven’t personally tried the fiber mascaras from brands like Maybelline so I can’t tell you if they’re good or not. If anyone has, do chime in below and let us know!

The other product to lengthen lashes is a lash primer. Make Up For Ever has a lash fiber primer (it looks like a white version of a fiber mascara) that you apply before regular mascara, but it’s quite expensive.  


Hi I’m absolutely in love with your makeup techniques. I wanted to ask you something about eyeliner. Which “black” eyeliner is best for the waterline? Or at least, what is your favorite? I tried out so many eyeliners but they usually leave me with raccoon eyes, and I really need help finding an eyeliner that would stay within my waterline..:(

2 things could be happening; (1) tears and blinking, (2) oil from your skin is transferring over.

(1) To survive the natural tears and blinking, I find a black gel liner like MAC Fluidline or Maybelline, applied with a liner brush is better than pencils and khols because they “set”. For pencils, Urban Decay 24/7 is good as well. Apply one layer, tilt your head back and give it half a minute to set properly and avoid squinching your eyes or touching it too early. Then go back in and do one more layer to really build up the color. Using a matte black shadow to gently dab over the liner is optional but really helps to further lock it in place.

Important: IF your eyes are watering more than normal because they are sensitive, then no product will help, and you probably should not be wearing anything on your waterline in the first place!

(2) The second problematic thing is oils from the skin. This is usually the biggest culprit if you have mono-lids, hooded eyes, or very small double-lids because the fold of the eye is very near the lashes and oils there transfer over when you blink. You might want to apply face powder under the lower lash line to stop oils from creeping over, and also wear a good eye primer on the lids.


Hi! I love your blog- the ideas are super creative and colorful! I have a problem- I have very oily eyelids. I wear primer (Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, usually) every time I wear eyeshadows or even to hold my liner in place. But, by noon, whatever I’m wearing is all in my crease and I have not been able to find anything that holds! Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

Have you tried Lime Crime’s Eyeshadow Helper? I find this to be the strongest at holding things in place so far. (And I do own Urban Decay, Too Faced, as well as Nars primers.) While primers can help things last longer, there isn’t a magic product that can withstand constant presence of oil on the skin combined with constant rubbing when we blink, so you’ll probably need to:

1. Make sure your lids are completely dry and clean when you apply primer. It won’t grab and set if there is already oil there.

2. If you use blotting sheets through the day, also gently blot your lids to lift off excess oil before it can break down your makeup.


Hello beautiful, I’m in love with your blog. Could you help me? how I can makeup if mi face is long and chubby? thank you very much!

What it sounds like to me is that you have a face that is narrow or oval in shape, but you maybe lack definition around the cheeks. You can do ANY eye and lip makeup you want. It’s just the cheeks that you want to pay attention to.

Traditional contouring around the cheekbones can make a long face look even longer, so we probably want to avoid that. Here’s a quick thing to try:

Use a matte contouring powder (2-3 shades darker than your skin) and apply that from the lower portion of the face in the diagram shown. This adds some shape while shortening a longer face (“oval” to “heart” shape). Don’t apply too much or it will look odd!

You can wear blush normally as long as you avoid concentrating too much color around the outer edges of your face. Keep it around the apples, not too high on the cheekbones, to reduce the visual length of a longer face.



i was wondering if you can do this i’m in love with the eye makeup but i don’t know how can i recreate it. thank you very much. :)

That looks like a “foiled” eye where a sparkly loose shadow (probably something with very intense gold sheen like MAC’s Reflects Antique Gold) was applied wet, so it looks very intense and almost creamy. I’ll give it a shot in a post tomorrow!

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