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The Long Cat-Eye: Dramatic Liquid Liner Look for Small or Mono-Lid Eyes (and anyone else)

This is a very intense black liquid liner look that extends straight out horizontally instead of winging up into the typical cat eye shape.

It’s quite common look among Asian pop stars because it emphasizes and flatters a small or mono-lid eye without having to change its shape unnaturally. Even if you don’t have a mono-lid or hooded eyes, this is a great look for a party or an evening out, and you can either pair it with nude lips and bronzed skin, or go all-out with dark lips as well.

You will need:

  • A soft duochrome peachy-gold shadow like MAC Melon or Majolica Majorca BE286 (if you don’t have a duochrome, use a gold)
  • A matte brown shadow like Revlon Rich Sable
  • A very intense black pencil like Maybelline Master Drama Cream Pencil in Midnight Drama (or a black gel liner)
  • A black liquid liner (anything with a fine brush is better for the super-precise edges we want to create here; I used Japanese brand Heroine Make’s Impact Liquid Liner)


Step 1: Apply the peachy-gold shade over the entire lid and pull it straight outwards into a flared shape.


Step 2: With a matte brown shadow and a small pointed brush, add a little definition along the outer 2/3 of the socket line. This is more just to add a little shape to the socket line if you don’t have defined eye contours. Don’t go overboard with this as the brown isn’t meant to be noticeable.


Step 3: Using a black pencil or gel liner, run along the upper lash line. Take a careful look at the natural line in the skin that runs out and down at the outer corners of the eye. You want to FOLLOW that natural line with your pencil and pull it out.

Then run your pencil UNDER your lashes as well. This liner look is very intense, so any exposed flesh under the lashes will be instantly visible.


Step 4: Along the lower lash line, run the pencil along the waterline as well. Pull it out until it meets the end of the line you drew earlier.


Step 5: This is probably the trickiest step. With liquid liner, you go around the edges carefully, thickening up the shape and also gives you a very clean sharp border.

Along the lower lash line, I actually straightened out the liner and made it almost horizontal.


Step 6: Curl your lashes and apply a little mascara. You don’t want to apply false lashes with this look because the emphasis is on the outline and the elongated eye shape. You don’t want to mess up the shape with huge obvious lashes.

Nail notes: Elven Gold nail foil from

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