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Bright, Budget Lip Colors for Summer:

The Body Shop Leona Lewis “Deerlicious Fuchsia” Lip Gloss, and Flormar “Pretty” Lipsticks are some of the delicious lip deals that won’t break your bank this season.

All products applied on bare lips without any base or liner!

«The Body Shop Deerlicious Fuchsia»

Firstly, the Body Shop launched the Leona Lewis collection, which I do think not only has fab packaging, but also has plenty of items that would work great on women of color.


The collection includes:

  • a beautiful floral-shaped kabuki brush
  • 2 beautiful bronzing bricks (one bronze and one blush)
  • 4 pigmented lipglosses (there are only 2 shades in some countries)
  • 2 uber bright shimmer shadows (fuchsia and orange)
  • repackaged White Musk Libertine perfume (this is the “Turkish Delight” interpretation of White Musk, and I do like it enough to own a bottle though I don’t wear it all the time)
  • among other items!

If you’re a collector of limited edition cute packaging, you’ll probably love these. I (amazingly) only picked up a single lip gloss out of the entire collection LOL.


It’s the most beautiful candy-pink, but don’t be fooled by the official images or the name. It’s not quite fuchsia. It’s a delicious bright candy-pink with a slight hint of coral tones. Sorta a deeper and more flattering Viva Glam Gaga 1 Lipglass for those who aren’t fair-skinned. It’s also pigmented enough that the color shows up even on pigmented lips.

Prices vary by country, but my recommendation for everyone to check out are the glosses.

US site:

«Flormar Pretty Lipsticks in P317, and P320»

I happened on this Turkish (Milanese-born) budget brand quite by chance on a random shelf at a local department store. I’d never heard of Flormar before this, but once I swatched a few colors (See Instagram image below) I was completely sold.

Excuse the variance in lighting for P317. I had the HARDEST time trying to capture the shade as accurately as possible because the pigments kept reflecting bluer on camera. (It’s the top right swatch in the image below. THAT’S what it looks like.)


Key points:

  • They are extremely pigmented; as you can see from the tester swatches and, as well as the white-light swatches at the top of the post, the colors are crazy.
  • Texture is very creamy and soft, and I’m not sure if you might need to be careful of them breaking easily. I’ll update if that happens.
  • The lipsticks have a slick slip to them, somewhat like NYX black label lipsticks. Some people like this (they don’t feel thick or dry) and some people don’t (they aren’t particularly long-wearing).
  • They have no fragrance
  • They stain the lips, so if you mind that pink tint that remains after removing lipstick, then avoid this range.

The good news? They are extremely affordable. Even with the usual markups here in Singapore, they cost S$9.90 (and I bought mine on discount for $7++). In Europe and Canada, it is likely to be cheaper.

The bad news? Flormar isn’t a very well-known brand compared to the likes of Bourjois, Catrice or Essence, and it might be hard to find a stockist near you. You might need to look on eBay. (But then again, Singapore is not listed on their page, and I found it here, so who knows??)

Store Locator:

Maybe if more people write about it, there’ll be enough demand for distributors to stock these?? *Cross fingers*

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