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NOTD: Essie Orange It’s Obvious (and Incredibly Cute Fimo Citrus Fruit Manicure!)

Something juicy and bright for the digits this week!

I love playing with fimo slices. They’re incredibly detailed and cute. And fruit-themed fimo slices ALWAYS put a smile on my face. You can find full uncut canes and a one-sided blade like the ones below on places like ebay,,, etc. This is the cheaper way to get fimo because you can easily get over a hundred slices per cane.

You can also purchase ready-cut fimo slices that come in jars or partitioned nail-art wheels. Those are more expensive, but you save the hassle of having to fiddle with a blade and wasting badly-cut slices.

The thinner the slices, the nicer they sit on your nail. Thick slices will lift at the edges and catch in your hair, etc. But the thinner they are, the harder they are to cut. 

1. For this look, I first painted on base coat, then 2 coats of Essie’s Orange It’s Obvious.

2. Then instead of using nail glue or top coat, I used my favorite nail art helper, the Repositionable Glue, to paint a transparent tacky coat onto my ring finger and thumb.

3. I picked only the citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon). I also picked matching 1 mm rhinestones (lime, amber, and pink), and a gold glitter.

4. I just arranged 2-3 pieces of fruit onto my accent nails, stuck them on, then positioned rhinestones and some pailette glitters around them.

5. Apply a thick top-coat to seal everything in, and you’re done!

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