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Answers for 2 Singapore-specific Shopping Questions!

Hi there, I was wondering what i could get my mum for mothers day and im not sure what to do? Thank you so much

1.    When my budget is small to mid-range, I will think about what brands have cute packaging, aren’t expensive, and that she DOESN’T often have access to. E.g. my mom never visits Sephora, so I will go for the beautifully packaged products from brands like Bliss, Fresh, Soap & Glory, etc, so it’s something different for her, but doesn’t break the bank.

2.    If you’re thinking of spending big, then spend on a brand she already knows and loves, but can’t bear to splurge on. She might nag about spending so much on that Chanel compact or that bottle of Dior perfume, but it will make her feel very pampered.

3.    I would advise against splashing out on specialised anti-aging skincare (like expensive serums and anti-aging creams or premium brands like Prevage, etc that she has never tried) unless you already know what she likes and how her skin reacts to it, because sometimes they might turn out to be unsuitable for your mom’s skin

Hope this helps give you some ideas without narrowing your options too much!

Hi. Do you know what inexpensive eye primer that is good and available in singapore? thx!

Elf has a good, cheap eye primer. It’s sold at Smoochiezz stalls around malls and train stations, and their warehouse (check or their FB page for info). *One warning though, is to check the condition of products before purchase because they do not do refunds or exchanges and while most times it’s been ok, on a couple of occasions, products I’ve bought have been in less-than-optimal condition (i.e. old and dried out).

L.A. Splash at BHG has a great shadow base as well.

From pharmacies, KATE eyeshadow primer (the matte beige one) is the 3rd option!

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