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My Paperself Lash Collection (Tips for Care and Wear)

I have 4 pairs of Paperself lashes in my collection, 1 of which I bought at retail price from Sephora (in Singapore) and 3 of which I bought from a discount beauty store quite recently.


  1. Small Deer&Butterfly (above)
  2. Peonies
  3. Lace Garden
  4. Birds

If you’re considering getting a pair or two of these, you might want to know the below first.

The Pros:

  • Paperself lashes are incredibly detailed and intricate
  • They make a huge statementt
  • You can wear them in various ways, both as a full strip for max drama, or cut into segments for more subtle looks

The Cons:

  • Paper lashes are fragile; these are no more than thick craft paper, so if you use them as is, they will get tattered and folded quickly after 1-2 uses
  • They are extremely expensive. Paperself lashes retail for £12.50, so they are not very practical for frequent wear. Special occasion only. (Unless you’re a makeup artist or collector, I wouldn’t recommend buying more than 1 pair unless there is a steep discount. I love the concept, but the price-point is a little bit unreasonable.)
  • Many lash designs tend to be very long, so if you don’t have huge eyes, you will need to cut them to fit the eye



  • Paint a thin layer of waterproof glaze on both sides and along the lash band, to waterproof them and make them more resistant to bends and rips; you can use art sealant, but that takes up to a week to cure completely, so fast drying nail polish might be a better option
  • If you have very long and large eyes, and can wear a full strip, otherwise it’s better to cut the full lash into segments, like I did with the Lace Garden lashes above. You get to wear just one segment, or to place one each on the upper and lower lash line.
  • If you don’t want anything TOO dramatic, go for short/simpler half-strip designs like the “Small Deer&Butterfly” or the “Small Horses” (a design I think is beautiful but could not find on discount!)


Stockists: You can check on or write in to the company at:

SG-buyers note: Sephora and Watson’s used to stock them but stopped due to poor sales, and I’m not surprised considering the original $29.90 price-tag. Beaute Spring in NEX Serangoon is currently selling them under $12 so if you want a pair run down quickly!

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