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Weekend Nails: Beige Sakura (Konad S9 plate “swatches”)

I wanted to do neutral almost “mannequin”-like nails, but at the same time, they had to be detailed and interesting when viewed up close, so what better than the S9 “sakura-themed” Konad plate, with a little Japanese doll, a little cat head (which I did not stamp) and a few different cherry blossom motifs?

The details are quite fine for this particular plate, but it wasn’t too hard to stamp with black special polish. Most of the fine lines picked up and transferred well. If you like a very cute, girly, Asian-inspired theme, this would be a nice plate to try, especially since the floral patterns aren’t that typical. Again, I picked up the S9 plate because I haven’t seen it duped on cheaper plates yet. Otherwise, I would say to go for cheaper brands than Konad if you can.

I’d suggest trying this using a red or fuchsia polish, with white stamping polish for the print, just to stick with the Sakura theme.

Beige Polish: L.A. Girl “Adore”

Black Polish: Konad Special Polish “Black”

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