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MAC Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad Mini-Tutorials

I haven’t purchased anything from a MAC Collection for quite awhile. Frankly, it annoys me that they keep throwing out limited editions that you can never get again once they sell out, so I was surprised that I actually liked the Bare My Soul quad so much. (Methinks a backup palette is in order…)

Here are 2 simple looks that you can create with the shades for morning and night. 

Day Look:

Simply apply your shadow from lash line up to the socket line in this order, and blend out the edges so there are no harsh lines. 

  • Inner corners: Romantico (taupe-beige)
  • Center: Bare My Soul (gold bronze)
  • Outer corners: Friendly (chocolate)

[Optional] Along the lower lash line, I ran a little of the gold along the inner corners and then the dark brown all the way to the outer corners.

Evening Look

Step 1: Apply the midnight green shade to most of the lid within the socket line, but leave the inner corner bare.

Step 2: Pack the golde onto the inner half of the lids, from inside corner fading outwards into the green. Don’t over-blend the two or you end up with one single khaki shade.

Step 3: [Optional] As a finish touch you can do the same to the lower lash line with a flat brush, and then use the bronze shade on a soft brush to blend out the edges of the dark green just under the brow bone. 

This gives a softer, smokier wing, instead of a hard dark green edge.

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