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Nail Tutorial: Striped Turquoise and Teal Nails with Pink Acrylic Bow accent


Step 1: Paint your nails a base shade of turquoise or aqua. I used China Glaze’s For Audrey.



Step 2: Next you want to have some striping tape. If you don’t have any, you can either do it free-hand if you don’t mind lines that aren’t as straight, or cut scotchtape into strips.


Step 3: Place them around your nail at irregular intervals. There are a few nails (See my ring finger above and below) where I placed 2 strips very close together so I’d get thick and thin lines close to each other.Β 


Step 4: The next thing you need is either a teal colored polish or acrylic paint from the art store, and a very fine brush. Simply paint within the lines where you want the teal stripes to be.

I used Folk Art acrylic in Aqua. I just find it easier to work with as:

  1. they are easier to work with when doing designs on the nail, compared to nail polish
  2. you can thin them out with water so they goes on in a nice flat, even layer on your nail
  3. you can clean up mistakes with a dampened cotton bud or a little alcohol
  4. you get tons of product for a few bucks
  5. you can always find the right color because the range of shades is huge. And if you can’t, you can mix them much easier than trying to mix 2 polishes


Step 5: Remove your striping tape before the paint dries. If you wait for the paint to dry, you get jagged edges because the tape pulls your layer of dried paint when you lift it.

Top coat to finish!

Step 6: For the bowsΒ (there are tons of different designs on eBay, Amazon and beauty supply sites like lightinthebox and bornprettystore), I simply used super glue to glue the back of the bow and set it on the nail. Don’t use too much! Super Glue and nail glue (they really contain the same ingredients; the main difference is price) are stronger and set faster if you use just a thin layer.

For the fimo piece, you can use regular craft glue or repositionable glue. No need to fuss with strong glues since it lies flat and doesn’t get rubbed off easily. Just top coat over everything after you place the Fimo so you can lock it in place.

Tip: You can use a regular little sticker bow on your thumb if you can find one! No fussing with fimo and glues!

Tips on working with large acrylic ornaments:

  • You have about 30 seconds to reposition your bow so don’t worry if you don’t set it down JUST right at the start.
  • Diagonal (slightly angled) placement the way I positioned my bow, is not just for a cute look. It’s more secure if the large item you are using has a flat back, because your nail surface is curved. If you place it straight-on, only a tiny bit of the bow will be stuck on your nail, which makes it easy to rip or knock off when it catches on things.
  • Let dry for at least 30-40 minutes and you should feel that it’s gotten really tight and secure after that.Β 
  • Super glue and nail glues can be removed with acetone, so to remove large ornaments like these, the fastest way is to use one of those “soak off” nail polish removers where you dunk your entire nail in.
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