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"Ladyfinger": Lady-like Nails with an Edge (French-tip Nail Stamping over Holographic polish)

There are few things more feminine that a pale mauve-pink polish or French tips. But I wanted to give it a bit of extra oomph, so I stamped the tips with a detailed, almost “Art Deco” French-tip design from Konad’s M69 plate and white special stamping polish.

The whole nail look is very self-explanatory but below are a few tips if you’re attemping this!

  1. Holographic nail polishes have a tendency to streak when you do a 2nd coat, so either give the first layer a longer time to dry, or else apply the 2nd coat quickly with as few strokes as you possibly can. (Polish used here: China Glaze Get Outta My Space.)
  2. Apply a coat of fast-dry topcoat over your nail polish first. This dries it faster so you don’t need to wait so long before stamping. (If you stamp before your polish has hardened it will get smooshed.)
  3. When you’re trying to line up a french tip stamp, it’s hard to get it symmetrical and centered. I find it easier to hold the stamper with rubber pad facing up so I can position my nail over it properly before pressing down and rolling across.
  4. Use a thick and fast-drying topcoat like Seche Vite or Poshe to seal in your stamping. There are a lot of regular top coats that can dissolve and smear your stamped design.
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